General Practice

wills attorney servicesAfter practicing law since 1985, I have become convinced that the most important things an attorney can do are:

1. Listen patiently to the client.
2. Treat the client with dignity and respect.

Believe me, I understand that usually when a person finds him or herself in a situation where they need an attorney, it is often because something stressful has happened in their life.  I promise to be mindful of this and I will always listen to you and I will treat you with the utmost respect. 

Each case is unique and each client is unique.  I will give your case individualized treatment and I will work hard to get you the results you desire. If you are looking for an attorney who will listen to you and who will treat you and your case with the utmost care and respect, please consider my firm for your legal needs.

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Contact Information

Jim Sowell

118 N. Main St.
Dickson, TN 37055

Phone: 615-446-8389
Toll Free: 800-244-9562
Fax: 615-441-1557

Business Hours:
Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.